We develop experiential learning experiences that equip individuals and organisations with design, innovation, cultural competency, and creative leadership skills to address socially complex issues in a shifting technological and ecological environment. We challenge you to think about the critical questions of the emerging future and designing with systems thinking for sustainment. Our expertise draws upon design strategy, design thinking, futures thinking, visual communication, system thinking, cultural intelligence and creative leadership.

Learning and Consulting
Learning, workshops and consulting are offered in the following areas:
• Design Research and Strategy
• Design Thinking
• Co-design Workshops
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Cultural Competency & Intelligence
• Creative Leadership
• Visual Facilitation, Storytelling & Mapping

We have experience in developing cross-border initiatives that build creative, collective and cultural capability in the areas of health, ageing and inclusion. We are vested in creating culturally safe spaces which acknowledge and provide for the inclusion of the full diversity of participants in a strength-based approach.

Design Approach

Our design approach is founded in over 25 years of global experience of design practice, teaching and research in Sydney, San Francisco, New York and Beijing. Methodologies are grounded in design research, participatory design, experience design, design thinking, visual communication design, creative leadership and intercultural studies. Our process is grounded in a 6-step process and inclusive practices of diversifying team and thought, amplifying talent and voice. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss a challenge.

Awareness We listen, question and immerse to understand the challenge, purpose, asumptions and opportunity. We develop a shared understanding of the scope of the project, desired outcomes and establish alignment and committment. Where are we now, where are we going, what does success look like and how will we measure it?

Discover We seek to uncover insights and perspectives of the problem and the stakeholders involved. We draw from an extensive toolbox ranging from design and research methods, cultural intelligence tools, leadership and team frameworks.

Define We synthesise findings into insights that can be framed into compelling opportunities for design. We use the insights to develop an actionable strategy that focuses on the desired outcomes. Visualising and mapping may be used to create shared vision amongst internal and external stakeholders or to make challenges tangible across touchpoints.

Develop We work with you to co-design solutions with the relevant internal or external stakeholders involved. We explore multiple possibilities for the defined opportunity to arrive at the solutions with the greatest potential. We bring the vision to life by visualising concepts through storyboards, mapping, visualisation or scenarios. We enable agile prototyping and testing with users. An iterative approach uncovers potential problems early rather than later when they become more costly to adjust.

Deliver We seek to deliver transformational experiences and outcomes with consideration to people and ecology. We may engage relevant domain experts and partners to bring the vision to life. We look to amplify the impact of the work through networks and channels.

Evaluate We evaluate and reflect on the outcome. Did we meet our target, the criteria and measures of success we set out to? What was the impact across the triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial?