We develop learning experiences that equip people and organisations with design, innovation and cross-cultural leadership skills to solve complex, non-linear problems in a fast-changing global environment. Our expertise combines design strategy, human-centred design, system thinking, inclusive design, visual communication, storytelling, leadership and cultural intelligence. We facilitate learning spaces for exploration to co-create solutions and to create cultural mindshifts. We run exciting cross borders initiatives to solve complex design problems and develop cultural tools and mindset to enhance collaboration.

Learning Services
We design programs, experiences, workshops and toolkits for a blend of face-to-face and online learning that empower people with design led innovation processes and collaboration skills to manage diverse team members and stakeholders.

• Design Research and Strategy
• Design thinking
• Co-design
• Visual storytelling and mapping
• Visual facilitation
• Inclusive design
• Cultural Intelligence
• Cross-cultural Leadership

Design Services

Our design approach is founded in 20 years of experience in design processes from design and brand strategy, design thinking, user-centred research, experience and interaction design, visual communication, cross-cultural leadership in Sydney, San Francisco, New York and Beijing. Our process involves a 6 step process and is founded in inclusive practices of diversifying team and thought, and amplifying talent and voice. If you have a challenge within your organisation, please get in contact for an emergent conversation.

Awareness We immerse, listen and ask questions to understand the challenge, what's at stake, purpose and opportunity. We develop a shared understanding of the project and desired outcomes. We establish alignment and committment to move ahead. We are cognizant of assumptions and biases. Where are we now, where are we going, what does success look like and how will we measure it?

Discover We seek to uncover insights and perspectives of the problem and the stakeholders involved. We draw from our toolbox for the appropriate tools to use. These may be from our range of human-centred design and research methods, from our cultural intelligence tool kit, or team and leadership frameworks.

Define We synthesise knowledge into insights that can be reframed and turned into compelling opportunities for design. We use insights to develop an actionable strategy that focuses on the desired outcomes to improve products and services and uncover new opportunities for innovation. Mapping and visualising the product/service user experience are useful tools to create a shared vision amongst internal stakeholders by making product/service challenges tangible across divisions and touchpoints.

Develop We explore multiple possibilities for the defined opportunity and select the best potential solutions. We work with you to co-design solutions with internal or external stakeholders involved and those impacted by the delivery of the product/service. We bring the vision to life by visualising concepts through storyboards, mapping or visualisation, scenarios to articulate the concepts. We build lean prototypes and test with users as quickly as possible. This iterative approach uncovers potential problems early in the process rather than later when they become more costly to adjust.

Deliver We seek to deliver transformational experiences/programs/products and services with users front of mind. We may engage relevant experts in their domain and partners to assist in delivering the initiative. We look to amplify the impact of the work through media and channels.

Evaluate We evaluate and reflect on the outcome. Did we meet our target, the criteria and measures of success we set out to? What was the impact across the triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial?