CAMP Innovation Program

Vivien co-founded the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) which brings together 130 young entrepreneurs from China and Australia to co-create new solutions to problems common to both countries through a 3 month bi-lateral incubator program. Delegates are supported by mentors and pitch their ideas on the final day of the Summit to industry to fund the best ideas.

CAMP aims to build networks, connections and relationships to equip young leaders with the skills and capacity to thrive in the Asian Century. CAMP is an innovative platform for positive bilateral relations that builds the innovation capacity of young people to lead change in the 21st century.

As Chief Experience Officer, Vivien was responsible for designing and facilitating the CAMP Learning Program and experience across the online and offline program in Sydney collaborating cross-cultures and orchestrating a team including program manager, facilitators and experts. Vivien is passionate about social innovation and developing a deeper relationship between East and West. ‘We have seen a number of multi-sector collaboration initiatives, but very little across continents and cultures, I believe in order to solve complex problems of magnitude, we will need to build the trusted connections, networks and comfort level to work together and challenge each other.’

The program consists of three learning frameworks: innovation, leadership and intercultural and based in action-based learning, peer-to-peer learning, design thinking, self reflection, and cross-cultural problem solving. Participants engaged in design-led processes including empathetic research, problem framing, customer-market fit and business model innovation to develop their final innovations.

The process of development involved leading co-design workshops with corporate, government and industry stakeholders, strategy workshops, user-centred research and facilitating teams through the design and innovation process.

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Watch the short documentary by ABC International captured on the CAMP program which was broadcast on Australia Plus television across the Asia pacific region.

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GOOD Design Australia Award for Social Innovation Finalist, 2016