CAMP Participatory Workshop

On June 2, we developed a participatory workshop within Vivid Ideas Festival 2014 which brought together 50 bright minds to collaborate and develop the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) concept 2015. Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, workshop attendees from multi-sectors including creative and digital, government, social enterprise and corporate sectors came together to discuss common issues, challenges and opportunities being faced by both countries and to vision the future of the Australia China relationship.

Groups looked at visioning the Australia China relationship in 2050 across the following themes.
1. economy & business
2. sustainability
3. politics
4. education
5. communication & innovation
6. people & culture

And in the second half of the workshop, making CAMP awesome.
1. Partnerships
2. Recruitment and talent scouting
3. Hard event design - formal learning
4. Soft event design - informal learning
5. Publicity and Reach
6. Community building

CAMP launched on June 1 with network drinks at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney within Vivid Ideas Festival 2014. Throughout the night, the 120 strong and diverse community were asked ‘What makes a great relationship?’ and ‘What are your hopes for the Australia China relationship in 2050? The interviews and survey responses collected fed into the data in the participatory workshop the following day.

The China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) cultivates opportunities, develops networks and co-creates new solutions to issues common to both Australia and China. In collaboration with Vivid Ideas 2015, CAMP brings young innovators from China and Australia together to develop ventures over a 3 month incubator program, mentored by global change-makers.

View the slides from the workshop below.

China Australia Millennial Project Workshop from Vivien Sung