Sydney Sustainability Jam

The Sydney Sustainability Jam aims to tackle problems from a human-centred perspective using the tools of design thinking. In collaboration with a wonderful team (Jo, Alex, Lucy and Sally) at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, we lead participants through the double-diamond design process: Discover, Develop, Define and Deliver. Over 48 hours, ideas were brought to life through fast and rapid prototyping: thinking with your hands. Over the course of a weekend in November, 234 projects were created in 60 jams around the world as part of the Global Sustainability Jam. We developed a flexible brand identity system to address sustainability to include social and environmental sustainability.

An overview of the 48 hour journey: Friday evening began with a series of short inspirational talks by Carla McGrath, Head of Sustainability @ncie, Nathan Welch from Deloitte Digital and Phd student Anne O’Brien. Following this was a mass rapid-fire brainstorm to find relevant and meaningful challenges to tackle with voting and team formation.

On Saturday morning, the inspiring Opher Yom-Tov spoke on the importance of appropriately framing a design challenge/problem and observation. We had a jam-packed day which involved ethnographic research in the field, synthesising, early prototyping and sharing through improv. Some teams found they needed to reframe their challenge after going out in the field.

On Sunday, we connected with fellow jammers across the globe in Oakland, California via skype to hear the challenges they were tackling. Teams then went back out to test their prototypes. With learnings, they reiterated on their prototypes, uploading final prototypes to the Global Planet Jam site with final sharing of outcomes. Follow the facebook community here. Client: Sydney Sustainability Jam