Diversify Amplify!

Diversify, Amplify! is focused on developing inclusive and self-aware organisations, leaders and entrepreneurs who harness diversity (gender, race, culture, thought) and inclusion to create more innovative organisations and an equitable world.

Diversify Amplify! challenges how we might disrupt the tribalistic mindset and become more inclusive leaders, facilitators and embed inclusion in our organisations and teams, using a design thinking approach and drawing upon leadership and cultural intelligence. Workshops equip participants with the awareness, tools and techniques to test their biases, change how they show up and how they lead in their everyday lives, businesses and careers.

Most of us believe we are ethical and unbiased. We imagine we’re good decision makers, able to objectively assess job candidates, venture capital or reach a rational conclusion in our organization’s best interests. (Banaji et al 2003). However, more than two decades of Harvard research confirms that we have hidden biases that we carry from a lifetime of experience with social groups (gender, race, age, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social class, religion, status or nationality). We are blind to our blind spots!

Studying the unconscious decisions we make can be critical when it comes to designing the products, software, experiences or services people use, or when trying to uncover precisely what's wrong with our workplace today.

Participants are invited to be part of the process to foster social inclusion, dialogue and explore how by working alongside people of different experiences and backgrounds we can create a more innovative atmosphere that open the door for creativity, productivity and improved team performance.

“As people experience a seemingly ceaseless merging of old and new, familiar and foreign, they tend to retreat into physical, digital and psychological communities where they feel safe and comfortable. They revert to tribes.” – World Economic Forum, 2018

Co-founders Vivien Sung & Carli Leimbach have recently run workshops on 'Facilitation for Diversity & Inclusion' with Sydney Facilitators Network at the UTS Hatchery; 'Leading for Diversity & Inclusion' for Sydney Uni Business's cohort of 90 Engineering and Business Masters students and and Vibewire Startup Sundays.